JTGP Memorial Scholarship

The Justin Thomas Gustav Memorial Scholarship

This volunteer based scholarship has grown every year.  Starting with two scholarships, in 2014, offered to seniors at Chapin High School, it is now open to seniors in Newberry County and ALL Lexington County District High Schools to assist with furthering their education.  The scholarship, which is focused on volunteer activities, will reward recipients with $1000 in assistance for furthering their education beyond high school. It is paid in two $500 installments at the beginning of their first and second semesters of college, tech school, or any other higher education institution. Applications may be obtained using the link below.  Applications are also available through the guidance counselor's offices of the Lexington District High Schools and Newberry County High Schools.  Applications must be returned to the Guidance Counselors Office by March 1st.  Guidance Counselors must have the applications ready for pick up no later than March 15.  

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