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The Justin Pepper Foundation makes every effort to provide adequate resources and support to all committees. This ultimately makes the foundation flourish, but also provides opportunity for our committee members to grow in their understanding and knowledge of the nonprofit sector.  Because the foundation holds membership with several nonprofit leadership organizations, both local and national, the resources available to you as a committee member will provide many educational opportunities to enrich your experience.  This information is provided to assist with your nonprofit work not just for The Justin Pepper Foundation, but for other organizations you may volunteer with both now and in the future.



The Justin Pepper Foundation has established the following Event Committees.  Each committee is important and instrumental to the successful execution of our events.  Committee work can be challenging, yet rewarding.  Volunteers should be able to allot the time necessary to get the planning done in a collaborative manner, be an active part of the discussion, and open to pitching in where needed to execute the plan.  It is highly encouraged that committee members attended (and volunteer) at the event they are supporting.  Information pertaining to each committee's commitment and expectations may be found using the links below.  

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